Who We Are

“Genre for Japan” is a small collective of genre fans: both readers and professionals. We know from our involvement in the SFF scene that it’s a generous, friendly community.

This is our chance to extend that generosity to the people of Japan.

Amanda Rutter is a book reviewer and a keen supporter of the genre community. She has been involved in blogging since Jan 2010, and works with Tor.com, Morrigan Books, Angry Robot, Hub Fiction, Fantasy Literature and Vector magazine.

Louise Morgan is a horror and fantasy writer. She is a member of – and interviewer for – the British Fantasy Society and sat as part of the “Best Newcomer” panel for the 2010 British Fantasy Awards.

Jenni Hill is the Junior Editor for science fiction, fantasy and horror publishers Solaris Books.

Ro Smith is a writer, reviewer, proof reader, copy editor, part-time PhD student, and blogger at In Search of the Happiness Max.

Alasdair Stuart is the editor of Hub Fiction and the host of Pseudopod. A writer, journalist, editor and podcaster, Alasdair is both passionate and highly knowledgeable about genre fiction – whatever the flavour.

Robert Mulligan is a graphic designer and photographer. He designed the Genre for Japan logo, and you can check out some of his other work here.

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