Will there be a list of all the items available?

Yes. Once we’ve listed all the donated items, we will also have a full index page giving the items’ numbers and titles and a link straight to them. You can also search the site using the drop-down category box or the free-text search function in the sidebar.

When does bidding start?
Bidding opened at 9am BST (GMT +1) on Monday 28th March. Prior to that, commenting was disabled.

When does bidding end?
At midnight BST (GMT +1) on Sunday 3rd April. The Comments boxes will then be closed.

Where do I place my bid?
In the Comments box under the relevant post. See instructions on how to place bids on the relevant tab.

What currency can I bid in?
Please only bid in UK Pounds.

Can I bid from overseas?
Yes, as long as you write the bid in UK Pounds in the Comments box. You will be paying direct to the British Red Cross through Justgiving.com and they DO accept payments internationally.

What payment is accepted?

Justgiving will accept Paypal and Debit/Credit cards. We will not be accepting cheques, money orders or cash, so please do not bid if you don’t have the ability to pay via the specified means.

How many items can I bid on?
You can bid on as many items as you like as long as you are prepared to donate that amount to the British Red Cross if you are the highest bidder.

How will I know if I’ve won?
Once the auction has ended, you can check the comments box to see if yours was the highest bid. But don’t worry, we’ll be contacting the winning bidder with all the information they need to finalise their bid.

How will the people who have donated items for auction know where to send the item to?
When the winning bidder has been notified, paid their donation to the British Red Cross via Justgiving.com, we will notify the person donating and give them the delivery/other relevant details.

Am I 100% guaranteed to receive the item?

We can 100% guarantee that the items will be sent to the winners, and that proof of postage will be provided – but obviously we are at the mercy of various postal companies. Consequently, there is a small risk your item will be lost – unfortunately, we will not be able to offer a duplicate item because of the specialised nature of the auction. We will be prepared to discuss refunds under these circumstances.

Can I donate?
We will stop accepting donations on Friday 25th March at 5pm (GMT) in order to prepare the auction lots for go-live.

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  1. Tomas Andersson says:

    What about international shipping?

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