Bidding & Auction Rules


All bids are made in the comments box.

To make a bid click on the ‘Post a Comment’ link at the bottom of the post.

This will open all of the comments and show you any other bids.

Scroll down to the bottom of all of the comments, taking note of the highest bid.

In the ‘Leave a Reply Box’ you will be asked to enter your name and email address as required fields. Your email address will only be visible to us but your name will be visible to everyone. You can enter a website address if you have one but this is not compulsory.

Once you have entered your details write your bid in the comment box and click on ‘Post Comment’.

If you like you can tick the box to be notified of follow-up comments via email. This will allow you to watch the auction and see if anyone bids higher than you.

Your comment may take a few minutes to appear. If your comment does not appear within fifteen minutes you may have made a mistake and may need to post your comment again.

You are welcome to bid as many times as you like, so if you see that someone has outbid you, you can leave a new bid.

All bids must be made in UK pounds. You can find a simple currency converter at

At the conclusion of the auction the bidder who has made the highest bid in UK pounds will be deemed the winner.

Bidding will close at midnight BST (GMT +1) on Sunday 3rd April.

Winning bidders will be notified by email and instructed to make their donations via the Genre for Japan Justgiving page which can be found here:

The donation to the appeal must be the pledged amount or higher.

We will be able to see as soon as the donation has been made via the Justgiving page. We will then arrange for auction items to be distributed.

Auction winners will have three days to make their donations to the Justgiving page. After this point they have forfeited their win and the second highest bidder will be informed.

We ask that you only bid if you are in a position to purchase the item. Genuine bids only please.

29 Responses to Bidding & Auction Rules

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  4. Jonathan Grose says:


    • Jonathan: I think your bid has gone in on the wrong page 🙂

      Please double-check whether it’s also appeared on the item you’re looking for & if necessary, place your bid again (don’t worry, we won’t count it twice)

  5. Steven Jorgenson says:

    I’ll try a bid of 22.00. I preordered Kaikon when it was available to preorder. Until today I never knew why this wasn’t published.

    • Steven: I think your bid has gone in on the wrong page – can you double-check whether it has also appeared on the item you were bidding on (which I’m guessing was KAIKON?) and if necessary, place it again? Don’t worry – we won’t count it twice!

  6. Josh Gingrich says:

    I would like to bid 106.585 EUR ($150.00 US )

    • Hi Josh – your bid seems to have been entered on the wrong page, and we’re not sure what you’re bidding on 🙂

      Could you double-check whether your bid has appeared on the item you intended to bid on, and if necessary, place it again – don’t worry, we won’t count it twice! If you could also convert it to £ Sterling (there’s a simple converter at, that would be great: unfortunately, we’re only able to accept bids in Sterling as per the auction rules (although you can place bids from anywhere). Thanks!

  7. Will Johnson says:

    How does bidding for duplicate items work? Do the two highest bids win?

    • Hi Will – essentially, yes: when there are duplicate lots, the 2 or 3 (or however many!) highest bidders will win the auction.

      In the event of there being more identical bids than there are items in that listing (for example, if there are 2 books, and 3 people place identical bids of £50), then the first 2 bidders to place the high bids will win.

      Hope that answers your question 🙂

  8. Mark Randall says:

    Does bidding close at the midnight at the beginning or end of Sunday – 3 April 0:00 or 3 April 24:00 (aka 4 April 0:00)?

  9. Helen Armes says:


    Do you mean the midnight on saturday night/sunday morning or the midnight sunday night/monday morning?

  10. Alan says:

    Presumably, the date stamp on the comment is what matters: so if it says April 3, it’s within the bidding period, and if it says April 4, it’s not.

  11. andy says:

    re: item 29
    …so as the auction continued past midnight, am i robbed of the win?
    not happy!!!

    • andy says:

      ….my bid was registered at 12:00am, and i was outbid at 12:01!

      • Alan says:

        Indeed – this is why I was asking for clarity above. Since midnight is an instant between 23:59:59 and 12:00:00, a timestamp showing ‘April 4, 2011 at 12:00 am’, is technically after midnight of the 3rd April, since it is now April 4.

        Of course if Mike felt he was able to accept all three of the final bids, then that would be a definite win for the appeal. (That was £1500, wasn’t it, MEG?) However, I could quite understand him feeling a little exploited too, since it would be extra work for him. Perhaps if we all bought him drinks at cons?

    • MEG says:

      It would have been nice to win this. I only managed to get home just before midnight and rushed off a bid. Good job I didn’t mis-type as thousands!

      Either way, congratulations to the winner. It’s a wonderful cause and I’m grateful to all the generous people bidding and offering their goodies. I trust that it’s possible to make a contribution without winning an auction?

  12. Andy: we will only be allowing bids placed up to (and at!) midnight, according to the timestamp on the comments. While we did turn off the comments as close to midnight as possible, it does take a minute or two for the process to complete so one or two extra bids snuck through the system.

    If you’re the winning bidder, you’ll be hearing from us soon with details of how to proceed 🙂

    Meg: that’s very generous of you, and we welcome any and all additional contributions. We’ll be posting the details of our justgiving site for anyone who does wish to make a general donation once we’ve processed all the winning bids.

    • MEG says:

      Thanks for clarification.

      Can I make a suggestion that all auctions receive one more comment from the administrator indicating the winning bid? It will minimise queries for the administrators (I hope).

      • Great suggestion: I know we’re contacting all the winning bidders over the next day or two, once we’ve checked everything over – I’m sure we can do something like that too! 🙂

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Great, because I would like to donate too, so please do tell us how we can do it.

    • Hi Elizabeth: we’re so pleased to hear you’d like to donate too 🙂

      We’ve put a link to our justgiving site ( on the homepage here as well as some other information. All bids are very welcome indeed.

      If you can let us know that your donation isn’t connected to a bid, it would help us out massively with the admin – and of course, if you’re a UK taxpayer, please consider Gift Aiding your donation. (Note: this is only the case for “additional” donations – to the best of our knowledge, donations which are connected to an auction item are unfortunately not eligible for Gift Aid)

      Thank you – together we can all raise even more money for this fantastic cause.

  14. andy says:

    wow, i feel great and awful at the same time for winning this. sorry guys!

  15. Alan says:

    Congratulations to all who won their bids, and well done to Genre For Japan for the initiative, and many thanks to all those who put up items.

    May I make one suggestion for anyone wanting to do this again? There was some of confusion over when exactly bids were to close. Attempting to close dozens of comment threads to further posts simultaneously was obviously never going to work, and the organisers made the sensible decision to go by time stamps. However, it was not obvious whether bids made during the first minute of the 4th, when the time was listed as 12:00 am would be considered to have arrived ‘at’ midnight or not. In the event, it appears that those who stopped bidding at 12:00 ceased a minute too soon.

    I would suggest that in future, for auctions that close at midnight, bids whose time stamp showed the date of the last valid day be considered valid, and those that have the date of the following day be considered too late. (This would mean that times of up to and including 11:59 pm are valid, those of 12:00 am and later are not.)

    (There will always be a certain amount of slip and lag in such auctions anyway, due to web-server response times and the like.)

    Meanwhile, where’s that donation page … oh yes, thanks.

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