Supporters & Friends

We are grateful to the following for their support and their generosity. Without them, none of this would be possible.


Abaddon Books

Adam Christopher

Al Ewing


Andy Remic

Angry Robot Books

Ben Jeapes


Black Library

Bradley Beaulieu

British Fantasy Society

British Science Fiction Association

Chet Williamson

Chuck Wendig

Conrad Williams

Dark Central Station

David Bridger

David Moody

David Moore

Emma Vieceli

Eric Brown

Forbidden Planet

Frazer Irving

Gareth Powell

Gav Pugh

George R R Martin


Gosh! Comics

Greg R. Fishbone


Ian Watson

Jenna Burtenshaw

Jenni Hill

Joanne Hall

Jonathan Barnes

Jonathan Green

Jonathan L Howard

Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Oliver

Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Laura Anne Gilman

Leigh Gallagher

Lian Hearn

Liz de Jager

M D Lachlan

Maria Lima

Mark Chitty

Mark Valentine

Martha Wells

Matt Forbeck

Mike Shevdon

Mike Wild

Neth Space

Nick Lake

Patrick Rothfuss

Paul Kane

Paul Smith

Peter Crowther

PS Publishing

Random House Children’s Books

Robert Jackson Bennett

Rose Fox

Sam Sykes

Scott Andrews

Simon Morden


Solaris Books

Sophia McDougall

Stephen Deas

Steven Erikson

Steven Gould

Steven Saus

Steven Savile

Suzanne McLeod

Tim Lebbon

Tom Fletcher

Tom Lloyd

Tor Books & Tor UK


VIZ Media Manga

Vincent Chong

Voyager UK

Wayne Simmons

Will Hill

We would also like to add our special thanks to Johnny Mains, editor and horror enthusiast, for his support. Johnny has been running his own auction of rare and extremely collectable genre items through his site – inspired by a need to do something, just as we were. All proceeds from his auction will also go directly to the BRC’s Japan Tsunami appeal.

1 Response to Supporters & Friends

  1. Kazuomi Ikeda says:

    Dear all,
    I have just come across this site and learnt the activity. I know I am not in a position to represent the whole nation of Japan but just wanted to express my personal gratefulness for your attention and concern for the difficulty caused by the natural disasters. I cannot imagine how much painful for those who have been suffering in the North as I live and work in Tokyo but even life in Tokyo has been quite difficult and disturbing, both in physical and in heart. Up until the end of March, time limited power cuts due to the power plant cripple have demonstrated some impact on our normal life. Even more crowded trains due to limited services, empty shelves in shops due to petrol delivery difficulty, traumatic feeling of “shaking all the time”, etc. Saving mode (not purchasing unnecessary goods, skipping or postponing leisure) of consumer attitude is affecting sales of various sectors.

    Having said that, the life in Tokyo is getting back to normal and many people are trying to do something for the recovery.

    Again, thank you all for your concerns,

    Best regards,
    Kazuomi Ikeda, Tokyo, Japan

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