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I cannot contain my excitement about the number of chances there are for fans to appear in their favourite author’s novels. The fans of genre are going to be peopling genre for the next few years, and I can barely contain my squee about it. I limited myself to just two, but there are some really special lots on this theme, and I commend them all to you.

So, first up: Steven Gould’s ARC of 7th Sigma, and being a character in his next Jumper novel, Impulse. Steven Gould’s Jumper is one of the best genre novels I’ve read in the last few years. A friend persuaded me to read it because she loved the 2008 film; I insisted I had to read the book first. The two are quite different entities. The film is OK, but the book is phenomenal. Original, fast-paced, gripping. Jumper is a superhero book for the modern age. Amazingly, Steven has also written two excellent sequels, one in the movie world (Jumper: Griffin’s Story), and one in the original universe (Reflex). I’m not aware of anyone else doing that, and the really amazing thing is that both books are excellent. I’m excited just to know that there’s a nother Jumper novel coming out – the fact that you could be a part of it is really, really exciting.

7th Sigma is a post-apocalypse book about self-replicating, solar-powered, metal-eating machines. I was also fortunate enough to receive a copy of 7th Sigma from Steven recently, and what I’ve read so far, I like.  This is a really exciting lot all round, an you’d be mad not to bid on it!

My second pick: Al Ewing’s TWO chances to appear in next Pax Britannia book – with speaking lines! I’ve come to know Al Ewing via his book I, Zombie, which was so thoroughly gripping and original that it changed my whole idea of what a zombie book was about. Pax Britannia is a different thing again, but the more I see of Al Ewing, the more I like.  His work is incredible, and the chance to have a speaking part in his book is really something special!

Third thing you should want: Vinny Chong’s signed cover art. Vinny Chong’s artwork is award-winning, and rightly so – it’s stunning. He’s a man to watch, and this lot is simply incredible with the number of wonderful pieces he has donated. Go look at this stuff if you don’t believe me – the art speaks for itself!

Fourth truly amazing lot: A year’s worth of Tor books sent straight to the winner. Who wouldn’t want this? Tor books are great, and you’ll be sent some every month, straight to your door! Plus, every month you’ll be getting a package that reminds you of the truly wonderful thing you did to help support the Red Cross Appeal for Japan. We all need pick-me-ups from time to time, and it doesn’t get much better than this: not only great fiction to lose yourself in, but a reminder that real world people can do wonderful things, too… and you’re one of them.

Last, but definitely not least: A numbered, limited edition proof of THE CITY & THE CITY by China Mieville. I was blown away when I read Perdido Street Station, by China Mieville, and everything of his I’ve read since has blown me away with its richness and originality. As a book collector, I covet most numbered, limited editions, but this is just a really special item. An item like this doesn’t come into your hands every day, and this is even more special – you can tell people it’s not just numbered and limited, but this was the one they auctioned on Genre for Japan ;-p – don’t let it get away!

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