Jenni’s top five (six… seven…) picks!

Jenni Hill is an editor at Solaris Books. She is one of the Genre for Japan organisers, and has put her own editing services up for auction here.

  • I’m a big manga fan and always on the lookout for new series I haven’t read yet, so I’d definitely love to win this auction, 17 paperback titles from the Haikasoru imprint! I’ve read Battle Royale, which is an amazing comic, and I’ve heard good things about many of the other titles in this lot too. (Seventeen new titles? That would keep me in comics for ooh… about a whole week!)
  • I hold American author Chuck Wendig in pretty high esteem, in fact I’ll be editing one of his books soon, the one-vampire-versus-many-zombies extravaganza called Double Dead, and I’m just counting down the days until he sends that manuscript in! He writes some great advice for wannabe writers and veterans alike at his blog, Terribleminds, I can’t say it hasn’t taught me anything, which is why I think that his offer of writing advice on your novel, plus one of his recent ebooks is a serious must-have for any budding young writer browsing this auction.
  • I know how much work it can be to edit a novel, how long it can take, and I think it is amazingly kind of Publisher’s Weekly reviewer and freelance editor Rose Fox to offer to edit not just a few chapters, but a detailed manuscript critique of up to 100,000 words of your writing! That is, I mean, that is so generous of her. Editing isn’t just like sitting down to read a novel you bought, editing is hard work. She’s put my offer of 10,000 words of editing to shame! Among all her other publishing work, I don’t know where she’ll find the free time, but we at Genre for Japan would like to thank her profusely and we encourage you to bid highly for this one!
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