Item 134: signed copies of ENGINEMAN, GUARDIANS OF THE PHOENIX and THE KINGS OF ETERNITY by Eric Brown

The highest bidder will receive a copy of ENGINEMAN, GUARDIANS OF THE PHOENIX and THE KINGS OF ETERNITY by Eric Brown, all signed by the author.

Minimum Bid £10.00

– donated by Eric Brown

The Enginemen are history. Once they pushed bigships through the cobalt glory of the Nada-Continuum. But faster than light isn’t fast enough anymore. The interfaces of the Keilor-Vincicoff Organisation bring planets light years distant a simple step away. Then a man with half a face offers ex-engineman Ralph Mirren the chance to escape his ruined life and push a ship to an undisclosed destination.

The Nada-Continuum holds the key to Ralph’s future. What he cannot
anticipate is its universal importance – nor the mystery awaiting him on the distant colony world. Engineman is a thrilling action adventure by the author of Helix and Kethani.

Also in this volume: nine stories set in the Engineman universe, including the Interzone award winning “The Time-Lapsed Man”.

For ten years Paul has scrabbled for survival among the sand-shrouded ruins of the once great city of Paris. The seas have dried up, deserts cover much of the Earth’s surface, and humanity has been all but annihilated by droughts and the nuclear and biological conflicts that followed the great Breakdown.

Desperate bands of humans still survive. Some scrape a living in the remains of shattered cities; others resort to murder and cannibalism. When Paul is rescued from one such group, he joins his benefactors on their south in search of water and salvation.

Guardians of the Phoenix tells the story of the last survivors on planet Earth, their desperate fight for survival and their last hope to save the world.

1999, on the threshold of a new millennium, the novelist Daniel Langham lives a reclusive life on an idyllic Greek island, hiding away from humanity and the events of the past. All that changes, however, when he meets artist Caroline Platt and finds himself falling in love. But what is his secret, and what are the horrors that haunt him?

1935. Writers Jonathon Langham and Edward Vaughan are summoned from London by their editor friend Jasper Carnegie to help investigate strange goings on in Hopton Wood. What they discover there – no less than a strange creature from another world – will change their lives forever. What they become, and their link to the novelist of the future, is the subject of Eric Brown’s most ambitious novel to date. Almost ten years in the writing, The Kings of Eternity is a novel of vast scope and depth, full of the staple tropes of the genre and yet imbued with humanity and characters you’ll come to love.


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8 Responses to Item 134: signed copies of ENGINEMAN, GUARDIANS OF THE PHOENIX and THE KINGS OF ETERNITY by Eric Brown

  1. Open for bidding: please place your bids!

  2. Scott Hughes says:

    Bidding £20.00

  3. Graeme Williams says:


  4. David Moore says:

    Should be stressed that these are all in the lovely UK large-format, rather than the dinky mass-market US format, so any American collectors should be snapping these up if only for the more attractive edition.

    …And that Kings of Eternity isn’t even out yet, on either side of the pond!

  5. Richard Cripps says:

    35 pounds

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