Item 93: 3 signed books from the JOE LEDGER series, plus character appearance

The highest bidder will receive three currently published novels from the JOE LEDGER series by Jonathan Maberry, plus their name will appear in the fourth novel.

Minimum Bid: £25.00

– donated by Jonathan Maberry

‘When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week, then there’s either something wrong with your skills or something wrong with your world. And there’s nothing wrong with my skills.’ Police officer Joe Ledger, martial arts expert, ex-army, self-confessed brutal warrior is scared. The man he’s just killed is the same man he killed a week ago. He never expected to see the man again, definitely not alive, and definitely not as part of the recruitment process for the hyper-secret government agency the Department for Military Sciences. But the DMS are scared too: they have word of a terrorist plot straight from a nightmare – a bid to spread a plague through America – a plague that kills its victims and turns them into zombies. Time is running out and Joe has shown he has the abilities they need to lead one of their field teams. And so begins a desperate three-part mission – to contain the zombie outbreaks, to break the terrorist cell responsible and to find the man in their own team who is selling them out to the terrorists. Patient Zero is astonishingly fast moving, incredibily violent and down-right terrifying thriller – a new breed of thriller of techo-thriller that plays on our fears of mad science.

Having protected the world from a zombie plague in PATIENT ZERO, Joe Ledger and his crack Department of Special Sciences combat team are thrown into an even more frightening crisis. A genetic-engineering program has been used to create the ultimate fighting machine – soldiers bred for war, soldiers with greater strength, higher reaction speeds and an utter disregard for pain. Theirs and others. It’s a nightmare from the pages of Doctor Moreau and soon Joe and his team are up against both the big business concerns who have billions invested in the project and, on the street, adversaries bred expressly to kill them. It’s enough to make you wish you were facing zombies again . . .

Joe Ledger, ex-cop and now special forces killer must lead his elite team against a criminal mastermind who threatens to unleash a super plague that could wipe out humanity. Third in the series of all-action spec-ops adventure thrillers – Andy McNab meets 24.


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