Item 58: signed David Moody AUTUMN books, appearance as a character in the final book of the series & illustrated short story

The highest bidder will receive a signed, hardback copy of each book in David Moody’s AUTUMN series (three books now available from Gollancz; fourth to follow in Nov 2011, fifth in 2012). The books which have not yet been released will be sent on publication.

Additionally, the winning bidder will feature as a character in the final book of the series as a zombie or a survivor (bidder’s choice)… and they will also have their own illustrated short story to accompany their appearance on

Minimum Bid: £25.00

– donated by David Moody

In less than twenty-four hours a vicious and virulent disease destroys virtually all of the population. Billions are killed. Thousands die every second.

There are no symptoms and no warnings. Within moments of infection each victim suffers a violent and agonizing death. Only a handful of survivors remain. By the end of the first day those survivors wish they were dead.

Then the disease strikes again, and all hell breaks loose.

Zombie fans rejoice! One of the original zombie novels is back from the grave to remind us all why the walking dead are so scary, and what it means to have a front-row seat for the end of the world. AUTUMN is genuinely creepy, an atmospheric study of what happens when the dead come back–and what we have to do just to survive.David Wellington

With AUTUMN, David Moody paints a picture of a marvelously bleak dystopian future where the world belongs to the hungry dead. It’s the creepy start to a compelling series.Jonathan Maberry

A disease of unimaginable ferocity has torn across the face of the planet leaving billions dead. A small group of survivors shelter in the remains of a devastated city, hiding in terror as the full effects of the horrific infection start to become clear. The sudden appearance of a company of soldiers again threatens the survivors’ fragile existence. Do they bring with them hope, help and answers, or more pain, fear and suffering?




The survivors from AUTUMN: THE CITY are imprisoned in an underground base, trapped between the door to the outside world and the sealed entrance to the airtight cocoon where hundreds of soldiers sit and wait.

The crowd of bodies on the surface continues to grow in size, drawn there by the heat, light and noise occasionally produced by the people buried underground beneath their rotting feet. The sheer mass of shuffling figures and decaying flesh above them begins to cause problems for the military with vents and exhaust shafts becoming blocked and useless. Soldiers are sent above ground to begin clearing the bodies away.

Encouraged by a relatively successful first strike which is met with little resistance from the corpses, the officers order their troops to the surface again, this time to destroy them all.

Trapped in the middle of a long and bloody battle between the military and the dead, the survivors’ safety is compromised and they are forced to flee the base.

Exposed and vulnerable once again, the group run for their lives without aim or direction.

All hope is gone, but in the rotting shadows of the past they find the key to what remains of their future…

Forty days have passed since the end of the world began. Billions of people were killed in less than half a day and now the entire world is rotting. Everything is disintegrating . . . Survivors are few and far between in this deadly environment, and those who are still alive are forced to deal with a nightmare situation: the scale of the devastation is unprecedented. The shadowy landscape is swarming with the dead, their decaying bodies deteriorating day by day. Limited by their appalling physical condition, the only emotions they are able to display are anger, rage and hate and yet, remarkably, they are becoming more controlled. They are becoming self-aware, and they will defend themselves at all costs. A group of eleven men and woman have managed to survive against the odds, protected by the geography of the land and sheltering in a derelict block of flats. They have been surrounded for weeks, but they have always been in control. Until now. For the bodies are advancing. The situation is changing.

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Set up by a group of genre fans & professionals, our aim is to raise money for the BRC's Japan Tsunami appeal by auctioning special items donated by the SFF field.
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