Item 42: signed hardback edition of THE UNBLEMISHED by Conrad Williams

The highest bidder will receive a hardback edition of THE UNBLEMISHED by Conrad Williams, signed by the author.

Minimum Bid: £10.00

This is a fantastic item – and a rare collector’s item – from a great author.

– donated by Conrad Williams

Enter the mind of a serial killer who believes he is the rightful son and heir to an ancient dynasty of flesh-eaters. Follow the frantic journey of a mother whose daughter is infected with the stuff of nightmare. Look through the eyes of Bo Mulvey, who possesses the ancient wisdom a blood thirsty evil needs to achieve its full and horrifying potential. A man upon whom the fate of the entire human race depends. One of the most powerful horror novels of our time, THE UNBLEMISHED is an epic tale of history and destiny, desperation and desire, atrocity and atonement. It is a savagely beautiful tale of a mother’s determination to rescue her daughter, which plunges you into the monstrous world of serial killers and a cannibalistic apocalypse that rips through modern Britain.

Praise for The Unblemished:

‘No fan of literary horror should miss it’ The Times

‘This stark, gripping novel will stay with you for a long time’ Guardian

‘Top-notch writing skills, poetic vision and beautiful prose raise this way above your Hammer House Of Horror … this is an unusual – as well as highly accomplished – terror’ Sunday Express

‘This is an intelligent book that appeals to the unpleasant 12 year old in all of us’ Time Out


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6 Responses to Item 42: signed hardback edition of THE UNBLEMISHED by Conrad Williams

  1. Open for bidding: please place your bids!

  2. Paul Feeney says:

    I’ll go for that. £10.

  3. Paul Feeney says:

    Hmmm, ok, I’ll bite – £15.

  4. Johnny Mains says:

    As it’s Con and it’s his birthday – £20

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