Item 21: Writer’s critique from Chuck Wendig & e-book collection

Chuck Wendig has been writing professionally for over a dozen years now. He’s designed games, he’s got a novel coming out with Abaddon Books in November, 2011 called Double Dead. He had a short film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and has a feature film in development.

He uses his blog, Terribleminds, as a platform where he dispenses a wealth of dubious writing advice. And now he’d like to dispense a bucketload of that dubious advice upon your writerly head.

Win the auction and he’ll offer up a critique of up to 5,000 words of a short story or novel. Further, you’ll receive an e-book of his short story collection, Irregular Creatures (in your choice of Amazon Kindle or PDF format).

Minimum Bid: £15.00

– donated by Chuck Wendig

Contained within are nine stories featuring bizarre beasties, mythological mutants, and overall “irregular creatures” – including flying cats, mermaids, Bigfoot, giant chickens, and mystic hobo hermaphrodites:

– Dog-man and Cat-bird (A Flying Cat Story)

– A Radioactive Monkey

– Product Placement

– This Guy

– Mister Mhu’s Pussy Show

– Lethe and Mnemosyne

– The Auction

– Beware of Owner

– Do-overs and Take-backs

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Set up by a group of genre fans & professionals, our aim is to raise money for the BRC's Japan Tsunami appeal by auctioning special items donated by the SFF field.
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