Item 116: custom sketch by manga artist Emma Vieceli

The highest bidder will receive a custom sketch by manga artist Emma Vieceli, and the opportunity to request their own subject.

Minimum Bid: £20.00

– donated by Emma Vieceli

About Emma:

I’m a professional illustrator, writer and comic artist based in Cambridge in the UK. Past clients include: SelfMadeHero, Marvel, Image, Random House, Toykopop and FuturePublishing. Part of what makes me love my job so much is how varied it can be, and I tend to switch between working as an artist-for-hire and writing my own stories depending on the job at hand.

My recent key releases include: Much Ado About Nothing (2009) for SelfMadeHero, Comic Book Tattoo (2008) and Violet (2008) – a children’s series I wrote and illustrated for David Fickling and Random House as part of the DFC. I’m also currently one of Imagine FX‘s panel of artists. For a full list of titles I’ve worked on, please check the Scrapbook page.

I’m currently working with Penguin Books on Vampire Academy: the Graphic Novel and Oni Press on The Avalon Chronicles. Both are due for release in 2011.

Examples of Emma’s work:

About Genre for Japan

Set up by a group of genre fans & professionals, our aim is to raise money for the BRC's Japan Tsunami appeal by auctioning special items donated by the SFF field.
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15 Responses to Item 116: custom sketch by manga artist Emma Vieceli

  1. Claireeclair says:

    Bidding £35

  2. Michael Conde says:

    Bidding £40

  3. Fez Baker says:

    Bidding £50

  4. Ben Webster says:

    Bidding £60

  5. Jon Browne says:


  6. Fez Baker says:


  7. Ben Webster says:


  8. Fez Baker says:


  9. Dave Ozzy says:

    Bidding £140

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