Item 107: Dark Central Station Support for Writers Package: Sean Cummings

The highest bidder will receive a written critique of their query letter from Sean Cummings, author of the VALERIE STEVENS series for Snowbooks. Additionally, Sean will share his thoughts on the path to publication in a one-hour session on Skype.

This is your chance to get invaluable advice and feedback on your query letter: often seen as the most challenging part of submitting your work to agents and editors – so don’t miss out!

Minimum Bid: £30.00

– donated by Dark Central Station

Sean Cummings is a comic book geek, superhero junkie, zombie fan and a total nerd. (He’s also a bastion of completely useless information about films made prior to 1960. Don’t get him started on “Arsenic and Old Lace” because he won’t shut up about it.)

He’s been writing since 1978 (as a means of liberating his “inner nerd”) He’s a huge fan of the television series Being Human and believes that if urban fantasy happened in the real world, Being Human is as close to real as you can get. His interests include science fiction, the borg, cats with extra toes, east Indian cuisine and quality sci-fi movies/television.
He lives in Saskatoon, Canada.

About Genre for Japan

Set up by a group of genre fans & professionals, our aim is to raise money for the BRC's Japan Tsunami appeal by auctioning special items donated by the SFF field.
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