Item 100: books 1 & 2 of the BLOOD NINJA trilogy by Nick Lake (US editions)

The highest bidder will receive hardback copies of the US editions of books 1 & 2 in the BLOOD NINJA  young adult trilogy by Nick Lake.

Minimum Bid: £20.00

– donated by Nick Lake

A fisherman’s son is snatched from home to fulfil his true destiny in this thrilling novel of ancient curses, warring emperors, forbidden love…and blood-sucking ninjas. Taro is a boy from a coastal village in rural Japan, fated to become a fisherman like his father. But in just one night, Taro’s world is turned upside down – and his destiny is changed forever. Skilled in the art of silent and deadly combat, ninjas are the agents of powerful nobles who rule sixteenth-century Japan. So why did a group of these highly trained assassins creep into a peasant’s hut and kill Taro’s father? And why did one ninja rescue Taro from their clutches, saving his life at enormous cost? Now on the run with this mysterious saviour and his best friend Hiro, Taro is determined to learn the way of the ninja to avenge his father’s death. But if they are to complete their perilous journey, Taro must first evade the wrath of the warring Lords, decipher an ancient curse, resist forbidden love – and come to terms with the blood-soaked secrets of a life lived in moonlight.

Now that the vile Lord Oda is dead, Taro and his friends are safe in the mountain lair of the ninjas. Or so they think. When a homing pigeon arrives with news of Taro’s mother’s whereabouts, Taro sets out for the Tendai monastery – without stopping to consider why the pigeon, which was given to his mother months ago, took so long to arrive.

Soon, Taro, Hana and Hiro find themselves in a trap, as strange new creatures invade their lives and familiar enemies surround them – and the most deadly enemy of all is their old friend Yukiko. In the end, despite his vampire abilities, Taro is helpless to prevent the death of his mother. Furious and grief stricken, haunted by her mute and beseeching ghost, he determines to recover the object which Lord Oda was so desperate to procure before he died: the Buddha Ball, source of limitless power.

There are just two problems: first, Lord Oda is not dead. And second, the Buddha Ball is not where Taro thought. If Taro is to fulfill his destiny, he must face his arch enemy on an equal battlefield – for Lord Oda is a vampire now too. And then, to make peace with his mother, and recover the Buddha ball, Taro must go to hell and back…

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  1. Open for bidding: please place your bids!

  2. JPizzle says:

    £35! I’m hot for Nick Lake

  3. Vezzerina says:

    £50, please. (I hope that this is how we bid… through the comments. Otherwise this might be embarrassing.)

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