Item 90: four signed Kali Hooper TWILIGHT OF KERBEROS novels, plus dedication

The highest bidder will receive four signed Kali Hooper TWILIGHT OF KERBEROS novels, plus a dedication in the fifth book, due out next year.

Minimum Bid: £10.00

– donated by Mike Wild

“There’s a whole world out there ­ and it isn’t ours!”

The words of her mentor inspire Kali Hooper to explore the lost places of Twilight, unearth the secrets of its past and discover the fate of the vanished Old Races. So far, so good. But when an unexpected encounter in the deadly Spiral of Kos brings Kali head to head with Twilight’s all-consuming Final Faith, she finds herself in a race for the keys to the ‘Old Races’ most terrifying secret yet ­ the mysterious construct known as the Clockwork King of Orl.

Everything Kali knows is about to change. She’ll lose old friends, gain new ones, learn a devastating secret about herself, and come face to face with a threat she must stop at any cost. Because while the Final Faith believe what they are about to unleash is their true destiny, Kali knows it is not only their future but the whole of Twilight’s that hangs in the balance.

She has seen the fires, the deaths. She has heard the marching. The marching that heralds a sea of blood …

Hordes of a deadly and unknown species of predator swarm across Vos and Pontaine, killing and destroying everything in their path.

Where have they come from? Is there a connection with the Final Faith airship in the Drakengrat Mountains?

What was ‘the mistake’? Exactly what are the k’nid ­ and how can they be stopped? New questions for Kali Hooper and her friends to answer ­ but doing so will prove far from easy. From a labyrinthine dwarven deathtrap to a besieged and battle-torn Andon, a haunted ancient limbo at the end of time and the aquatic lair of a vast serpent, Kali must battle her way to a place in the clouds that legend calls the Crucible of the Dragon God. And there she must confront the past itself, for the Crucible holds a secret kept even from the Old Races themselves ­ a secret so staggering that she is about to discover the true reason her world is called Twilight…

THE SENTENCE IS DEATH! Giant dwarven sirens rise from the ground and, all across Twilight, magic stops. Blamed for the emergence of these machines, Kali Hooper faces execution until a mysterious stranger offers her a deal. In order to keep her life, Kali is to help find the tyrannical head of the Final Faith, Katherine Makennon, who had been abducted by the Pale Lord. Kali joins old enemies and unexpected allies in an epic quest that pits her against the dark machinations of the Pale Lord and reveals secrets not even she could have guessed at!

One year after Kali Hooper defeated the Pale Lord, Bastian Redigor lives on in the body of Jakub Freel. The mysterious entity known as the Hel’ss, meanwhile, moves closer to Twilight, welcomed as a herald of their Ascension by the spellbound Final Faith. Only Kali and her friends know the deadly reality of what the Hel’ss will bring but they have been declared outlaws, hunted by the Order of the Swords of Dawn and the sinister spheres, the Eyes of The Lord. So begins Kali’s penultimate adventure, a quest far beyond the Stormwall to the mythical Trass Kathra, the Island of the Lost. Here she will suffer the Trials of Four to discover the true nature of Twilight’s gods and her own shocking origin in the chaotic depths of the Thunderflux. Kali Hooper is dead, and this is the beginning of the end …


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19 Responses to Item 90: four signed Kali Hooper TWILIGHT OF KERBEROS novels, plus dedication

  1. Open for bidding: please place your bids!

  2. Kevin says:


  3. Mike Wild says:

    May I just make it clear that the dedication in the fifth book will be a SOLE dedication. Just you, the winning bidder. So, while I’m very grateful for the bids so far, come on, guys, let’s push this up a bit!

  4. David Coley says:


  5. Mike Wild says:

    And I’ve just noticed that it doesn’t point out that all the books will be SIGNED.

  6. Mike Wild says:

    By hand!

  7. Mike Wild says:

    With a cray … with a pen!

  8. DAVID COLEY says:


  9. Mike Wild says:

    Not long to go! If we can get this up a bit, I’ll throw in copies of my original synopses/chapter breakdowns etc so you can see what changed from start to finish! Utterly valueless but still, you ain’t gonna get these anywhere else.

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