Item 89: THE BLOODY HANDED signed, limited edition novella by Gav Thorpe

The highest bidder will receive a copy of the limited edition novella THE BLOODY HANDED by Gav Thorpe, signed by the author.

Minimum Bid: £15.00

– donated by Black Library

Life as a princess in the colony of Athel Toralien is a constant struggle for recognition and purpose. When Hellebron, daughter of the city’s ruler, is snubbed by Queen Morathi, she vows to make a name for herself and claim her rightful place in the court at the capital, Anlec. Her ambition takes her into a life of battles against foul creatures, sectarian war, betrayal and gruesome sacrifice in a dangerous grab for power, as Hellebron seeks to become high priestess of the cult of Khaine, the Lord of Murder, The Bloody-handed God.

This lavish, A5 hardback novella features an exclusive story that will not be printed anywhere else for at least two years, and includes detailed internal art by artist Tiernen Trevallion. Also included is a prose version of Aenarion, previously only available as an audio drama. Only a thousand copies of this collectors’ edition novella will ever be printed.


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