Item 27: appearance in the next Suzanne McLeod novel

The winning bidder’s name in Suzanne’s next novel: THE SHIFTING PRICE OF PREY.

Suzanne will name your choice of character after you. Choice of characters include: A zoo employee from London Zoo (male or female). A witch who is also a WPC in London’s Metropolitan Magic and Murder Squad (female). A baddie – guy or girl – who will die horribly, but has some great powers.

This is a fantastic opportunity to see your name appear in one of Suzanne’s books.

Just watch out for the vamps….

Minimum Bid: £5.00

– donated by Suzanne McLeod

Genevieve Taylor is a Sidhe, one of the noble fae, and she’s unusual, even in present-day London where celebrity vampires, eccentric goblins and scheming lesser fae mix freely with the human population. Genny is a rising star at, where she finds the M’ in magic – and that invariably leads to mischief, malice and – too often – murder. is affiliated to the Witch Council, whose ancient tenets prohibit any contact with vampires. Genny also works as a volunteer at a clinic which treats victims of vampire attacks. Then there’s her extra-curricular activity, extracting vulnerable fae lured by the local fang gangs. Genny certainly doesn’t wants any closer involvement with the vampire community. But when Mr October, one of the hot calendar pin-up vamps, is accused of violently murdering his girlfriend, Genny’s called on to repay an old debt and prove his innocence. And that means consorting with some of the sexiest vamps in London!

All Genny wants is to live the quiet life and to do her job at, but there’s her tangled personal life to sort out first. She’s being haunted by ghosts who want her help. Her witch neighbours want her evicted. Genny’s sort-of-Ex – and now her new boss – can’t decide whether he wants their relationship to be business or pleasure. And then there’s the queue of vampires all wanting her to paint the town red – how long will it be before they stop taking no for an answer? But when one of her human friends is murdered by sidhe magic, Genny is determined to find the killer. She needs help to find the real murderer, and that means calling on some of the most capricious and seductive fae – but her search is hindered by the vampires, who have their own political agenda. All the evidence points to Genny – she’s the only sidhe fae in London – and she’s named the main suspect; it’s not long before she’s on the run, not just from the police, but from some of London’s most powerful supernaturals.

On the surface, Genny’s life seems ripple-free right now. Finn, her sexy boss, has stopped pushing for a decision on their relationship. The seductive vampire Malik al-Khan has vanished back into the shadows. And the witches have declared her no longer a threat. But unless Genny can find a way to break the fertility curse afflicting London’s fae, she knows this is just the lull before the magical storm. Then a faeling – a teenage girl – is fished out of the River Thames, dead and bound with magic, and Genny is called into investigate. As she digs through the clues, her search takes a sinister and dangerous turn, exposing age-old secrets that might be better left buried. Then another faeling disappears, and Genny finds herself in a race against time to save the faeling and stop the curse from claiming its next victim – herself!

About Genre for Japan

Set up by a group of genre fans & professionals, our aim is to raise money for the BRC's Japan Tsunami appeal by auctioning special items donated by the SFF field.
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  2. Open for bidding: please place your bids!

  3. Liz says:

    Oh me! I can go £15.00

  4. Jen says:

    £17 ;-P

  5. Danielle says:


  6. Eytan Zweig says:

    £50 (buying it as a gift for my fiancée, not for my own benefit)

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  8. Steven Dean says:

    I wanna be a baddie so let’s go straight in at £100

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