Item 23: signed, first edition Peter V. Brett books

The highest bidder will receive a signed, first edition hardback of THE PAINTED MAN, and a signed, first edition hardback of THE DESERT SPEAR, with signed bookplate.

Minimum Bid: £30.00

– donated by Voyager UK

Raised on a steady diet of fantasy novels, comic books and Dungeons and Dragons, Peter V. Brett (“Peat” to his friends) has been writing fantasy stories for as long as he can remember. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Art History from the University at Buffalo in 1995, and then spent over a decade in pharmaceutical publishing before returning to his blissful life of fiction writing. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Danielle and two cats, Jinx and Max Powers.

Peter V Brett books

  • The Painted Man (Sep 2008)
  • The Desert Spear (Aug 2009)

Sometimes there is very good reason to be afraid of the dark! Arlen lives with his parents on their small farmstead, half a day’s ride from the isolated hamlet of Tibbet’s Brook. As dusk falls each evening, a mist rises from the ground promising death to any foolish enough to brave the coming darkness. For hungry demons materialize from the vapours to feed, and as the shadows lengthen, all of humanity is forced to take shelter behind magical wards and pray that their protection holds until the dawn. But when Arlen’s world is shattered by the demon plague, he realizes that it is fear, rather than the monsters, which truly cripples humanity. Only by conquering their own terror can they ever hope to defeat the demons. Now Arlen must risk leaving the safety of his wards to discover a different path, and offer humanity a last, fleeting chance of survival.

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The Deliverer has returned, but who is he? Arlen Bales, formerly of the small hamlet of Tibbet’s Brook, learnt harsh lessons about life as he grew up in a world where hungry demons stalk the night and humanity is trapped by its own fear. He chose a different path; chose to fight inherited apathy and the corelings, and eventually he became the Painted Man, a reluctant saviour. But the figure emerging from the desert, calling himself the Deliverer, is not Arlen. He is a friend and betrayer, and though he carries the spear from the Deliverer’s tomb, he also heads a vast army intent on a holy war against the demon plague and anyone else who stands in his way.

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