Item 17: signed, stamped I SHALL WEAR MIDNIGHT

The highest bidder will receive a signed copy of Terry Pratchett’s I SHALL WEAR MIDNIGHT.

This very special edition will also include a stamp from the author’s own library.

Can you find room for it in your own L-Space?

Minimum Bid: £20.00

– donated by Transworld

A man with no eyes. No eyes at all. Two tunnels in his head . . .

It’s not easy being a witch, and it’s certainly not all whizzing about on broomsticks, but Tiffany Aching – teen witch – is doing her best.Until something evil wakes up, something that stirs up all the old stories about nasty old witches, so that just wearing a pointy hat suddenly seems a very bad idea.Worse still, this evil ghost from the past is hunting down one witch in particular. He’s hunting for Tiffany. And he’s found her . . .

A fabulous Discworld title filled with witches and magic and told in the inimitable Terry Pratchett style, I Shall Wear Midnight is the fourth Discworld title to feature Tiffany and her tiny, fightin’, boozin’ pictsie friends, the Nac Mac Feegle (aka The Wee Free Men).


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Set up by a group of genre fans & professionals, our aim is to raise money for the BRC's Japan Tsunami appeal by auctioning special items donated by the SFF field.
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13 Responses to Item 17: signed, stamped I SHALL WEAR MIDNIGHT

  1. Open for bidding: please place your bids!

  2. Gav Reads says:

    I’ll start then:

    £20 😀

  3. Clare Brennan says:


  4. Matt Zitron says:


  5. Rachel Barry says:


  6. Rachel Barry says:


  7. mattzitron says:

    Oh why not.


  8. Rachel Barry says:


  9. David Jackson says:

    Got to be worth £250

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  11. mattzitron says:

    I’ll go £260

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