Item 60: manuscript critique & copy-edit by David Moore (Abaddon & Solaris)

The highest bidder will win the opportunity to have David Moore, Desk Editor at Solaris Books and Abaddon Books, edit your manuscript.

David says:

For a minimum bid of £5, I will read a manuscript of up to 5,000 words length, feed back with suggestions, and conduct a full close copy-edit of your work, in a marked-up Word
document or similar. If bidding reaches at least £50, I will accept a manuscript of up to 20,000 words. If bidding goes higher… well, try me.

From Steven Savile, author of The Black Chalice: “David isn’t just a good editor, he may well be the most insightful one I’ve worked with in a decade as a full-time novelist. He found my weaknesses quickly, called me on every one of them correctly and helped turn a good book into what I think now is a great book. I couldn’t have done it alone. Put it this way, I’d request David to edit my next book. Hell, I’d probably even pay him myself to do it, but don’t tell him that.”

From James Lovegrove, author of the New York Times best-selling The Age of Odin: “I personally would like to salute him for the bang-up editorial job he’s done on my books for Solaris.  He’s been patient, meticulous, helpful, patient, accurate, detailed, did I say patient?  With me as an author, an editor needs patience more than anything.  His work on The Age Of Odin, in particular, was exemplary, improving the book no end.  This is no smoke-up-arse bullshit.  It is plain and simple fact. And his dad looks like Santa.”

This is an incredible opportunity for any budding (or established!) writer to have a professional editor look closely at their work and help to polish it.

But if you want him to go over 5,000 words, you better start bidding big….

Minimum Bid: £5.00

– donated by David Moore

David Thomas Moore emigrated from Australia in 1994, and has lived, worked and studied in the UK ever since. A life-long devotee of fantasy, science-fiction and horror and sporadically published in online magazines and fanzines, he is very excited to be working as an editor on the Solaris imprint. He is a dedicated role-player and board-gamer, is married and lives in Reading. There is no truth to the rumour that he is an Australian Special Forces forward agent, sent to infiltrate your media prior to a full-scale invasion.

About Genre for Japan

Set up by a group of genre fans & professionals, our aim is to raise money for the BRC's Japan Tsunami appeal by auctioning special items donated by the SFF field.
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24 Responses to Item 60: manuscript critique & copy-edit by David Moore (Abaddon & Solaris)

  1. Open for bidding: please place your bids!

  2. Den Patrick says:

    I bid forty pounds…

  3. Mihir says:

    My bid is 60 pounds.

  4. Ros says:

    I bid £65.

  5. I bid £80. And I’m also willing to donate a signed Robert Rankin 1 of 4 FICTS Book for Genre for Japan to auction off. Please contact me about this. I’m sure Robert would be happy for me to donate it

  6. David Moore says:

    Hi Theresa,

    If you email the organisers at they should be able to help. Officially, they’re closed to new lots, but I imagine they’ll be up for sneaking a small one in.


  7. David Moore says:

    Also, since bidding has hit the dizzying heights of £80, I’m going to add some spice to the pot. If we hit a tun, I’ll go to fifty thousand words…

  8. Alex MacLean says:

    How much is that exactly?

  9. David Moore says:

    That’s one hundred English pounds.

    (Admin here: that’s Dave confirming, not bidding!) Current bid stands at £80

  10. Alex MacLean says:

    I’ll bid £100.

  11. Thanks David. And I’ll bid £120.00

  12. I’ll go to £140.

  13. Shaw says:

    I will bid £150

  14. Brian Buckley says:


  15. Kerry says:

    £220 🙂

  16. Kerry says:


  17. Kerry says:


  18. Kerry says:


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