Item 59: signed ARC of VEGAS KNIGHTS by Matt Forbeck

The highest bidder will receive a signed ARC of VEGAS KNIGHTS by Matt Forbeck

Minimum Bid: £10.00

– donated by Matt Forbeck

It’s a kind of magic… When two college freshmen decide to spend Spring Break using their magic to fleece the gambling tables of Las Vegas, little do they imagine that Vegas harbors some magical secrets of its own… And of course what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas – alive or dead.

About the author: Matt Forbeck has worked full-time as a writer and game designer since 1989. He has designed collectible card games, roleplaying games, miniatures games, and board games, and has directed voiceover work and written short fiction, comic books, novels, nonfiction, magazine articles, and computer game scripts and stories  for companies including Atari, Avalanche Studios, Bioware, Del Rey, Penguin, Pocket, Ubisoft, Wizards of the Coast, Games Workshop, WizKids, Mattel, IDW, Image Comics, and Playmates Toys.

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6 Responses to Item 59: signed ARC of VEGAS KNIGHTS by Matt Forbeck

  1. Tony Lane says:

    I bid £15 for the amazing Vegas Knights by Matt Forbeck.

  2. Jim Drew says:

    ….trying that again

  3. Tony Lane says:

    I raise my bid to £32.34 for Vegas Knights

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