The highest bidder will receive a copy of THE AGONIZING RESURRECTION OF VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN & OTHER GOTHIC TALES (Silver Salamander Press, 1994), signed by both the author, Thomas Ligotti, and Michael Shea, who wrote the introduction.

This is a rare copy, in excellent condition: a must-have for any collector… so get bidding!


– donated by Mark Valentine

Collection of 19 horror stories, with an introduction in the form of a poem by Michael Shea.

  • · Introduction: Good-Tom-Go-Lightly · Michael Shea ·
  • · One Thousand Painful Variations Performed Upon Divers Creatures Undergoing the Treatment of Dr. Moreau, Humanist ·
  • · The Excruciating Final Days of Dr. Henry Jekyll, Englishman ·
  • · The Agonizing Resurrection of Victor Frankenstein, Citizen of Geneva ·
  • · The Heart of Count Dracula, Descendant of Attila, Scourge of God ·
  • · The Insufferable Salvation of Lawrence Talbot the Wolfman ·
  • · The Intolerable Lesson of the Phantom of the Opera ·
  • · The Unbearable Rebirth of the Phantom of the Wax Museum ·
  • · The Perilous Legacy of Emily St. Aubert, Inheritress of Udolpho ·
  • · The Eternal Devotion of the Governess to the Residents of Bly ·
  • · The Unnatural Persecution, by a Vampire, of Mr. Jacob J. ·
  • · The Superb Companion of André de V., Anti-Pygmalion ·
  • · The Ever-Vigilant Guardians of Secluded Estates ·
  • · The Scream: from 1800 to the Present ·
  • · The Transparent Alias of William Wilson, Sportsman and Scoundrel ·
  • · The Worthy Inmate of the Will of the Lady Ligeia ·
  • · The Interminable Residence of the Friends of the House of Usher ·
  • · The Fabulous Alienation of the Outsider, Being of No Fixed Abode ·
  • · The Blasphemous Enlightenment of Prof. Francis Wayland Thurston of Boston, Providence, and the Human Race ·
  • · The Premature Death of H. P. Lovecraft, Oldest Man in New England ·

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