Item 28: Manuscript critique by Suzanne McLeod

The highest bidder will receive a 25,000 word critique of either a short story or the start of a manuscript from Suzanne McLeod.

In Suzanne’s words:

A full on critique that will get down to the nitty gritty of story, plot, character, structure, word choice, and grammar (if needed), with constructive notes, comments and suggestions for improvement.  Critique can be for a short story, beginning of a novel, or a synopsis and agent query. Submission and critique (using Microsoft Word) via email. Winning bidder can send submission any time within the next six months, and critique will be returned within four weeks of receipt.

And if you need any more encouragement to bid, here’s what other authors have to say about Suzanne’s critiquing.

“Suzanne McLeod isn’t just a fantastic writer, she’s also an amazing critiquer. I’ve worked with her as a critique partner while writing my last three novels and I can honestly say she’s a life saver. She not only gets to the heart of what’s not working, she also offers helpful suggestions for solutions. She’s also great at pointing out what is working, which can be just as important as knowing what needs to be fixed.” Jaye Wells, author of the Sabina Kane Vampire series.

“I sent Aftermath to Suzanne, and her words of encouragement made me feel like a million bucks, but more than that? At the eleventh hour, as I was peering at my manuscript, wondering what else it needed, she was kind enough to make some notes, and they were brilliant. Everything she said, I was like, yes, why didn’t I see that?! So if you love the book more than you expected, the credit belongs to Suzanne. ” Ann Aguirre, author of the Sirantha Jax series.

This is an exceptional opportunity to get your work reviewed by a professional author. Don’t miss your chance: get bidding!

Minimum Bid: £25.00

– donated by Suzanne McLeod

Suzanne McLeod writes the urban fantasy series about magic, mayhem and murder – liberally spiced with hot guys, kick-ass chicks and super-cool supes. There are currently six books planned in the series. The series features Genevieve Taylor, a sidhe fae, who cracks spells for a living, and started with THE SWEET SCENT OF BLOOD, continued with THE COLD KISS OF DEATH, and the third book, THE BITTER SEED OF MAGIC, has just been published by Gollancz. Her books are also published in the US, Australia, Germany, Russia and later this year in Estonia. In her non-writing life she’s worked as a cocktail waitress, a dance group roadie, a retail manager, and renovated property, all of which has been great grist for the writing mill. She was born in London – her favourite city and the home of – and now lives with her husband and geriatric rescue dog on England’s (sometimes) sunny South Coast, where she is currently writing her fourth book, THE SHIFTING PRICE OF PREY.
‘The fast pace of the plot and the fascinating cast of characters will give you a happy little vacation between two covers.’ CHARLAINE HARRIS, International bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire novels, now filmed as True Blood

‘I really loved The Sweet Scent of Blood. The interactions among the magical cast are beautifully handled, and Genny’s narrative voice is perfect. A great read, and a great world which I’m looking forward to revisiting.’ MIKE CAREY, author of the Felix Castor Novels.

‘I loved it to pieces . . . a splendid first novel, and a damned good read. Fast and furious, funny and fae, the first Spellcrackers book is a cracker of a read.’ SIMON GREEN, NYTimes bestselling author of The Secret Histories


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