Item 2: Complete set of 10 Gollancz “SPACE OPERAS” collection

The highest bidder will receive a complete set of all 10 novels in the Gollancz “Space Operas” collection. The novels being offered include:

– Tau Zero by Poul Anderson

– The Centauri Device by M. John Harrison

– Ilium by Dan Simmons

– Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C. Clarke

– Century Rain by Alastair Reynolds

– Stone by Adam Roberts

– Eternal Light by Paul McAuley

– Last and First Men by Olaf Stapledon

– Ringworld by Larry Niven

– Eon by Greg Bear

Minimum Bid: £10.00

– donated by Gollancz

Review of Tau Zero

Review of The Centauri Device

Review of Ilium

Review of Rendezvous with Rama

Review of Century Rain

Review of Stone

Review of Eternal Light

Review of Last and First Men

Review of Ringworld

Review of Eon


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Set up by a group of genre fans & professionals, our aim is to raise money for the BRC's Japan Tsunami appeal by auctioning special items donated by the SFF field.
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